Straw prices ranging from €10/bale up to €35/bale

It appears that the demand for straw has decreased and prices have dropped back in most parts of the country. However, €35/bale is still being looked for in Co. Donegal.

The weekend just gone has seen much of the straw that was left on the ground following 2017’s harvest baled up. Much of this straw is in relatively good condition, even though it was left out over the winter.

While this straw may not be suitable for making its way into a diet feeder, it was baled dry as wind and sunshine swept the country before the snow hit. Dust rose from straw conditioners, rakes and balers as tillage farmers breathed a sigh of relief that the ground was finally cleared.

Video: Baling straw before the snow

Straw prices

In Co. Wexford, 4X4 bales are trading at €20-25/bale. 4X4 bales of wheaten straw in Co. Meath were available for €15/bale. In the same county, round bales of spring barley straw were priced at €30/bale.

4X4 bales of barley straw in Co. Kildare were quoted at €22/bale. In Co. Offaly, weathered bales are priced at €15/bale.

Moving south to Co. Cork, bales made dry at the weekend were available for €10/bale. While in north Cork, good-quality 4X4 bales were priced at €25/bale.