Further strong winds overnight associated with Storm Barra have left 59,000 homes, farms and businesses without electricity supply today (Wednesday, December 8).

While all of the country has seen disruption, homes and farms in counties along the western seaboard from Donegal to Kerry have been most impacted.

With winds abating in most parts of the country, ESB Networks has said that crews are mobilising in the impacted areas to commence the network repair.

While poor weather conditions may hamper repair in some areas, ESB Networks said it hopes it can restore power to the majority of these customers by the end of today.

However, some customers may be potentially without power into tomorrow, Thursday (December 9).

Storm Barra vigilance

With Storm Barra subsiding, ESB Networks is urging people to remain alert to any damage to the electricity network when out and about today.

“Assume any fallen wires are live and pose a risk to life. Stay safe, stay clear and report any damage to us immediately on: 1800 372 999,” a spokesperson for ESB said.

In addition to safety procedures associated with power restoration, crews continue to work under all national Covid-19 protocols with respect to hygiene, social distancing and PPE, according to the power network.

ESB Networks is reminding customers of the precautionary measures to take in the event of a power cut:

  • Stay safe, stay clear: Never approach broken lines or damaged poles, and keep children and animals away – report damage to ESB Networks at: 1800 372 999, and listen to recorded messages carefully;   
  • Turn off electric cookers, ovens, irons, etc. if electricity supply is lost;   
  • Leave a light switched on so you know when power has been restored;  
  • Take extra care if using candles, oil lamps or other naked flames;   
  • Test smoke alarms with fresh batteries;
  • Ensure adequate ventilation if using gas heaters.

Farmers, particulary dairy farmers who operate milking parlours, may need to seek alternative sources of power such as generators as a back up.

Water supply to farms and homes

In its latest update, Irish Water said it is working to restore and maintain supplies following the impact of Storm Barra around the country.

The storm has impacted on plants in a number of locations due to heavy rainfall and high winds causing power outages and deterioration in the quality of raw water sources.

The most severe impact is in the southwest and southeast, particularly in counties Cork, Kerry and Wexford, while also impacting Donegal, Waterford, Limerick and Mayo.

Some supplies are without water and a number of precautionary Boil Water Notices have been issued.

Tom Cuddy, Irish Water’s head of operations, said: “Irish Water’s Crisis Management team is in place coordinating responses to the storm with staff, our local authority partners and contractors.

“Crews have been working 24/7 around the country to make the necessary repairs at plants and on the networks when safe to do so. Alternative power supplies and generators are being moved to areas most at risk from outages to get plants back into production while we are also liaising closely with the ESB to prioritise the restoration of power to plants affected by electricity outages.”

A number of precautionary Boil Water Notices have been put in place for customers at the following locations:

  • Co. Kerry – Aughacasla, Carragh Lake, Annascaul;
  • Co. Cork – Newmarket;
  • Co. Donegal – Glenties;
  • Co. Wexford – Enniscorthy.