Despite input costs being significantly higher when compared to 2021, one positive to take is that spring lamb prices are also in a much stronger place than this time last year.

Twelve months ago, spring lamb prices were subject to cuts from factories, leading to a price differential of 40c/kg between then and now.

This cut in prices from factories quickly filtered through to the marts but compared to last year, spring lamb prices are up €15-17/head this year.

Agriland was at Kilkenny Mart this time last year to watch over the trade which saw prices for lambs fall €8/head.

Lamb prices on the day made up to €164/head, with many selling from €148/head up to €163/head.

Fast forward to now, many factory-type lambs are moving at prices from €165/head up to €175/head with prices reaching as high as €180/head for top-quality, 50kg-plus lots.

This reflects an increase of €15-17/head on this time last year in Kilkenny and, indeed, across other marts in the country at the time.

Prices for heavy ewes this time last year were topping €180/head, generally, which compared to now is a big differential, with prices regularly breaking €200/head and as high as high as €230-235/head.