Some light rain ahead – but conditions remaining generally good

The weather will continue generally in the same vein over the weekend as it has over the past week, but there will be some localised rain and drizzle over the coming days, according to Met Éireann.

Today, Friday, July 5, will see sunny spells across most of the country at first, though it will be cloudier in the north with patchy, light rain affecting Connacht and Ulster.

It will become generally cloudier in the afternoon, but bright and sunny spells will return towards evening.

Top temperatures today will be 19° to 23°, though it will be cooler in the west and north-west. Winds will be light to moderate, blowing westerly, with local sea breezes along the east and south coast.

Tonight will see variable cloudy and clear spells at first, but it will again be cloudier in the north, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle extending south.

Lowest temperatures tonight will be 8° to 12°, with a few patches of mist and fog and light west to north-west breezes.

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 6, will start out damp, cloudy and misty, as patchy rain slowly extends southwards, but Ulster will turn brighter and drier as the morning progresses.

Top temperatures on Saturday will be 16° to 21° in light north-west or variable breezes.

Saturday night will be mild, but mostly cloudy in the south, with some spots of rain and drizzle and minimum temperatures of 11° to 14°.

It will be mostly dry further north, with clear spells. Overall, winds will be light, northerly or variable.

Turning to Sunday, July 7, and cloudy conditions will predominate across south and west parts of the country, with a few spots of rain or drizzle.

However, it will generally be bright and dry, with the best of any sunshine across Ulster and north Leinster. Top temperatures will range from 16° to 21°, in light variable or north-west breezes.

Sunday night will see variable cloud amounts with some clear intervals and lowest temperatures of 7° to 12°.

Apart from parts of the north-west, drying conditions are expected to be generally good over the next two to three days, while there will be some opportunities for spraying over the next week, though these will be limited thanks to somewhat wetter conditions in the north and west.

Soils are trafficable at the moment, but grass growth will become restricted as a result of soil moisture deficits.