Sinn Féin in favour of continued CAP convergence

In its election manifesto launched yesterday, Tuesday, January 29, Sinn Féin has confirmed the party will “advocate that the convergence process continues” during the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) transition period.

The party’s election promises to the agricultural sector “a continuation of the full annual [CAP] funding allocation rather than the reduced budget proposed by the commission”.

Also of note in the party’s manifesto is its stance on the Mercosur trade deal.

The party outlined: “Sinn Féin in Government will inform the European institutions that Ireland will not ratify the Mercosur deal and we reject any trade deal that negatively impacts Irish agricultural interests.”

‘Environmental Basic Income’ scheme

In its manifesto, Sinn Féin proposes the introduction – on a trial basis – of 300 spaces for an ‘Environmental Basic Income’ scheme for farmers currently on the Farm Assist Scheme to “voluntarily transition towards more sustainable practices”.

The party’s manifesto notes that the scheme would offer the 300 participating farmers a €300 weekly payment to implement a plan which meets environmental targets to reduce carbon output and carbon intensity.

Farmers can play an important role in the production of indigenous renewable energy, which can also provide for income diversification.

The party has also committed to an additional suckler cow scheme “to increase the payment to €200/cow for the first 15 [suckler] cows in the herd”.