Singapore Inspectors assess NI Beef Production

A team of four senior veterinarians from Singapore have visited beef and animal feed production premises in Northern Ireland as part of their tour of Britain and the north of Ireland.

This inspection visit allows the veterinary officials from the Singaporean Department of Agriculture to review standards of beef and feed production. Following this inspection they will be able to clarify the conditions under which exports could proceed from Britain and Northern Ireland. The Singapore export market is primarily interested in high-end red meat. This export opportunity will supplement the already agreed trade in white meat to Singapore from Britain and Northern Ireland.

The veterinarians were welcomed to the north by the Chief Veterinary Officer Bert Houston, speaking after the meeting he said: “We pride ourselves on high standards of animal health and welfare, and on the production of high quality beef for local use and export markets.”

Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Michelle O’Neill added: “I am pleased to welcome the inspectors who will have an opportunity to witness our quality production systems first hand and take home a positive message to enhance our export opportunities from the North of Ireland.”