Significant savings to be made by shopping around for ‘green diesel’

Massive variation exists in the prices farmers are paying for agricultural or ‘green’ diesel on a county-by-county basis, the latest IFA Quarterly fuel survey shows.

According to the survey, farmers in Co. Leitrim are paying the highest price for agricultural diesel in Ireland at 74.9c/L.

This is 15.4c/L more than the 59.5c/L paid by farmers based in Co. Donegal.

The survey, for the three-month period ending in November, shows that the national average stood at 62.88c/L.

Looking at prices on a province-by-province basis, farmers in Ulster fair best with an average price of 60.54c/L, while the average for Munster, Leinster and Connacht stood at 62.05c/L, 61.9c/L and 66.67c/L respectively.


In Leinster, agricultural diesel prices have been highest in Co. Carlow at 63.59c/L, followed closely by the counties of Wicklow, Offaly and Westmeath.

Meanwhile, the survey also shows that Co. Laois had the lowest price of 60c/L, marginally lower than the Meath and Kilkenny price of 61c/L.

Source: IFA
Source: IFA


Looking at prices in Munster, farmers in Clare paid the most for agricultural diesel at 64.01c/L.

This price is almost 4.34c/L higher than green diesel price in Co. Cork and 3.97c/L more than North Tipperary.

Source: IFA
Source: IFA


Moving west to Connacht, prices overall in the province are above the national average with the average price in the region being 66.67c/L.

Mayo is the cheapest county to buy agricultural diesel in, where it averages 50c/L, while Leitrim is the most expensive county in Ireland at 74.9c/L.

Source: IFA
Source: IFA


Finally looking to the Ulster counties in the Republic of Ireland, prices are below the national average of 62.88c/L.

All three counties are below the national average with the cheapest county to buy agricultural diesel in being Donegal and the most expensive being Monaghan.

Source: IFA

Agricultural diesel prices increase by 4%

IFA’s Inputs Project Team Chairman John Coughlan has reported increases in all fuel types surveyed in the most recent quarterly survey.

The results shows that the cost of agricultural diesel has risen by 4% to 63c/L. 

Connacht has shown the highest increase in fuel prices, with the cost of agricultural diesel rising by over 10% in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.

This compares to a 2% increase being recorded in Leinster, 4% in Munster and 5% in Ulster.

Coughlan said that the disproportionate increase in fuel prices in western counties is unjustifiable.

“Many of the farm families in these areas have had to endure the worst impacted by the difficult weather conditions this year and are now faced with unexplainable increased fuel costs,” he said.