Midnight tonight is the last chance for farmers to enter what we believe is the best farming giveaway in the country – the Agriland #FarmFree competition.

Agriland has teamed up with some of the best-known agricultural brands and manufacturers in the country to give one lucky farmer the chance to win a range of products.

As part of the competition there is some great machinery and products up for grabs.

Massey Ferguson mower


The lucky winner will take home a 2.42m Massey Ferguson disc mower which can be driven by a tractor as low as 50 horsepower. 

This mower provides a sturdy and economical solution to the small and medium size farm without compromising quality and finish.

With an average swath width of 1.65m, this mower would suit a farmer with a limited amount of mowing to carry out while it also boasts features you would expect to find on a larger machine.

€1,000 worth of Elanco animal health products

Also up for grabs is €1,000 worth of Elanco animal health products.

The winner of the competition will have the choice between Elanco’s CLiK or CLiKZiN product for sheep or Fasinex for cattle.

Elanco’s CLiK product provides 16-week cover for blowfly that minimises labour and it is also suitable for ewes and lambs with any fleece length, while CLiKZiN gives eight weeks of protection against blowfly.

The Fasinex 240 product for cattle is recommended for dairy cows during the dry period. It contains triclabendazole, the only flukicide to kill all three stages of liver fluke.

€1,000 worth of Gain animal feed

Gain Feeds is Ireland’s biggest selling feed brand, providing complete nutrition for a wide range of animals including horses, dogs, cats, greyhounds, cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.

Using advanced feed manufacturing technology and nutritional research, together with fully traceable ingredients, Gain Feeds offer high-quality, consistent and nutritious feeds to their customers.

They are supported by an experienced technical team providing the latest knowledge in animal nutrition.

The company offers a wide range of feed products for cattle and sheep, it also has a milk replacer range for calves.

1,000t of Ecosyl silage additive

As part of our #FarmFree competition there is 1,000t of Ecosyl silage additive up for grabs, worth €1,400.

For 1,000t placed into a silage pit, that would give you an extra 37t to feed. If silage is worth €38/t, that’s an extra €1.406 return.

That goes a long way to paying for the silage additive for the whole clamp.

Ecosyl Products Ltd is a UK based silage additive market leader with subsidiaries in USA and Canada.

Husqvarna chainsaw

Husqvarna 536LiXP

A  536LiXP battery Husqvarna chainsaw and high spec 4.2AH battery and hi-speed charger, QC 330 are also up for grabs.

The battery powered Husqvarna chainsaws have a brushless motor that delivers full torque at low revs, while providing 25% higher efficiency than a standard brush motor.

The ergonomic design of the Husqvarna Battery Series makes working long hours easier for operators.

Meanwhile the battery dramatically reduces vibrations, which in turn reduces the strain on an operators shoulders, arms and wrists.

Heat Detection and Health Monitoring System worth €8,500

As part of Agriland’s #FarmFree competiton an SCR Heatime Heat Detection and Health Monitoring System worth €8,500 is up for grabs.

The SCR Heatime system is one of the top reproduction and health systems in Ireland, with over 735 dairy, 33 suckler beef and over 350 Lely Robotic farms nationwide using the system.

Using a tag embedded with sensors that is fitted to the cows collar, the system can identify changes in normal activity and behaviour around estrus.

10t of Yara Fertiliser

The lucky winner will also take home 10t of Yara Fertiliser as part of the range of prizes in the competition.

Yara has been in business in Ireland for close to 50 years, specialising in high NPK and nitrogen fertilisers and industrial products.

In the past the Norwegian based company has also been a major industrial supplier to other well-known Irish fertiliser companies.

Each Yara fertiliser product is precisely formulated to provide accurately targeted nutrition that suits the specific details of the site.

Agrinet software

The lucky winner of Agriland’s #FarmFree competition will take home a range of Agrinet farming software.

Since 1994, AgriNet has been helping farmers make the right management decisions for more profitable farming, as well as looking after their legislative requirements.

It covers the complete range of software from grassland management to herd management to financial management. Click here to enter the competition