Spring-lamb prices are coming into the week on steady footing, with no change from last week’s prices to report.

Factories have stayed with what they were offering last week, with base prices ranging from €7.95/kg up to €8.10/kg, and quality assured lambs moving at prices ranging from €8.05/kg up to €8.20/kg.

This is leaving spring lamb prices at the top end of the market ranging anywhere from €8.25-8.30/kg, with prices 5-10c/kg above this being more frequently secured.

Factory quotes for hoggets remain unchanged at €7.05-7.20/kg, with top prices to €7.30-7.40/kg in general; prices above this level are also reportedly being secured.

The ewe trade, similar to the spring lambs and hoggets, remains firm, with factories quoting €3.70-3.80/kg.

Top prices for ewes are ranging from €3.80/kg up to €4.20/kg.

‘No major glut of spring lambs for at least a month’

There will be no major glut of spring lambs for at least another month, with supplies to stay tight until then.

This is according to Sean McNamara of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association, who said that this tightening of supplies has pushed factories into action in recent weeks.

He said: “With the year that’s in it, in terms of high input costs and grass slow to grow up until very recently, it’s clear to see that spring lambs will be slower to come on stream.

“With hoggets as good as gone, factories are struggling to tie down numbers and hopefully, prices will continue to increase in the weeks to come.”