Sheep marts: Butcher lambs sell best as more stores come on stream

Factory lamb prices eased slightly in Kilkenny Mart, Cillin Hill on Monday, according to the Mart Auctioneer George Candler.

Candler said there was a large number of sheep on offer, with just over 1,000 lambs passing through the ring.

The Auctioneer added that factory lambs, which traded from €2.15-2.28/kg, were a little easier then the week before.

However, despite the ease in the factory lamb trade, Candler said that the presence of butchers and wholesalers helped to keep a base under the butcher lamb trade.

These 50+kg lambs traded to a top price of €120/head or from €2.15-2.22/kg.

Candler also said that the small number of stores on offer sold well on the back of farmer interest. These lots generally traded from €2.05-2.22/kg.

Sample spring lamb prices:
  • 54kg: €120 or €2.22/kg
  • 53kg: €117 or €2.21/kg
  • 52kg: €114 or €2.19/kg
  • 50kg: €108 or €2.16/kg
  • 47kg: €107 or €2.28/kg
  • 46kg: €100 or €2.17/kg
  • 45kg: €97 or €2.16/kg
  • 43kg: €95 or €2.21/kg

Mountbellew Mart

Store lambs met a slightly easier trade in Mountbellew Mart on Saturday, according to the Mart Manager Marianne Higgins.

Higgins said there was a large number of sheep on offer again with store lambs selling from €70-92.50 each, with demand best for short-keep stores, while the lighter store lambs were noticeably easier.

However, the factory lamb trade remained similar to the week before, she said, with these lots selling from €2.09-2.22/kg.

Sample factory lamb prices:
  • 41kg: €91 or €2.22/kg
  • 48.5kg: €105 or €2.16/kg
  • 43kg: €90 or €2.09/kg
  • 45.5kg: €100 or €2.20/kg
  • 44.5kg: €98.50 or €2.21/kg
  • 45kg: €97.50 or €2.17/kg

Higgins also said that cast ewes met with a firm trade, especially for the heavier lots with prices ranging from €70-121/head.

She also said that there was a small number of breeding ewes on offer with hogget ewes trading from €120-140 each, while second and third crop ewes sold from €122-130/head.

Fermoy Mart

Butchers continue to drive the spring lamb trade in Fermoy Mart on Monday, according to the Mart Manager Sean Leahy.

Leahy said that the top end of the butchers lambs weighing 53-55kg made from €115-130/head, while the rougher ram lamb types traded from €100-110.

Looking at the factory lambs, Leahy said that these lots met with a similar trade to last week. The majority of the 46-48kg lambs on offer sold beyond the €100 mark, he said.

Leahy also said that there was a small number of forward stores on offer and these lots traded from €75-90 for lambs weighing 37-41kg. And the cast ewes on offer made €40-121/head.