The Department of Agriculture is in the process of recruiting a significant number of Assistant Agricultural Inspectors.

It comes following a significant fall off in recruitment by the Department of Agriculture in recent years which has seen staff numbers fall significantly with 735 staff leaving the Department between 2011 and 2016, while only 171 were hired in the same period.

The Department recently announced that it is to recruit Assistant Agricultural Inspectors in the following areas:

  • General Agriculture
  • Dairy/Food Science
  • Chemistry (Desk based)
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Ecology
  • Chemistry (Laboratory based)

The successful candidates will become members of the Agricultural Inspectorate team.

The Inspectorate team is responsible for bringing scientific expertise to bear on the development of the Irish agri-food sector, including funding of Irish agri-food research programmes, and on the negotiation and enforcement of European Union and national legislation relating to agriculture.


The salary scale for this position is as follows:

Personal Pension Contribution (PPC) Pay Scale will apply where the appointee is an existing civil
public servant appointed on or after April 6, 1995 or is newly recruited to the Civil Service and is
required to make a personal pension contribution:

Assistant Agricultural Inspector PPC [Personal Pension Contribution] Scale:
€31,729.00, €34,379.00, €35,254.00, €38,199.00, €41,148.00, €44,096.00, €45,914.00, €47,731.00, €49,554.00, €51,372.00, €53,193.00, €55,014.00, €56,830.00, €58,655.00 (MAX), €60,681.00 (LSI1), €62,701.00 (LSI2).

Rates effective from November 1, 2013:

Increments (apart from Long Service Increments – LSIs – payable following three and six years
satisfactory service respectively after reaching the maximum of the scale) may be awarded annually subject to satisfactory service.

Different pay and conditions may apply if immediately prior to appointment the appointee is already a serving Civil or Public Servant.

Starting Salary and Payment Arrangements:

Candidates should note that entry will be at the minimum point of the scale and will not be subject to negotiation and the rate of remuneration may be adjusted from time to time in line with Government pay policy.

Hours of attendance:

Hours of attendance will be as fixed from time to time. At present, they amount to 43.15 hours gross per week. (37 hours net)

Annual Leave:

The annual leave allowance will be 25 days per annum, rising to 29 days after five years’ service and rising to 30 days after 10 years’ service. This allowance is subject to the usual conditions regarding the granting of annual leave and is on the basis of a five-day week and is exclusive of the usual public holidays.


Induction and other courses are provided by the Department‟s Training Centre. Facilities to undertake further study on approved areas of work at Irish or foreign institutions may be provided. Assistant Agricultural Inspectors may be required to undergo post-graduate training in the duties to which they may be assigned.

Closing date

Applications must be submitted on the Public jobs website not later than 3pm on Thursday, August 18, 2016.

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