Ireland’s No.1 distributor of heat detection and health monitoring equipment, Mullingar-based, Efficient Farm Systems, is giving all dairy and beef farmers a chance to win a SenseHub livestock monitoring system.

What is SenseHub?

Allflex Livestock Intelligence, part of MSD Animal Health, is the world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and delivery of solutions, for animal identification, monitoring and traceability.

SenseHub is a sophisticated, modular cow monitoring solution that leverages the deep expertise gained from the many Allflex Livestock Intelligence monitoring solutions that monitor millions of animals worldwide.

SenseHub collects and monitors critical data points for every individual animal, delivering timely reproduction, health and nutrition insights.

Using SenseHub farmers can increase efficiency, improve livestock wellbeing, and drive prosperity for their farms and families.

Simple interface

To compliment the ability of SenseHub, when joined with the Allflex sorting gate, animals showing signs of heat or illness will be automatically (or manually) drafted for attention in a cow friendly, stress free and labour saving manner.

Why do farmers buy SenseHub tags?

  1. Reproduction monitoring: Optimise conception rates, detection of weak heats, reduce calving interval and labour saving;
  2. Health monitoring : Detect health issues 12-36 hours before clinical signs enabling timely farmer and veterinary intervention;
  3. Group and nutrition monitoring: Informed nutrition decisions that optimise herd health, reproduction and milk productivity;
  4. Distress alerts: Pre- and post-calving distress alerts to ensure intervention when required;
  5. Reliable predictions: Six million animals monitored globally;
  6. Flexibility: Collar or ear tag;
  7. Labour-saving reports: Anestrous cows, cows in heat, health report, fresh cow report and many more;
  8. Easy to use, user-friendly interface;
  9. Accurate and reliable with over 95% heat detection rates;
  10. Seven-year battery life.

How does SenseHub work?

Animal information is collected via the tag or collar and sent to a controller in the yard, uploaded to an online cloud and relevant alerts are sent to the farmer via a smartphone app and or laptop.

This way, if there is an internet disruption, data is not lost as it remains in the controller.

As the information is in the online cloud, multiple users can have remote access to the information from anywhere and anytime. Whether it’s the farm staff, local vet, AI technician or farm advisor, they all have the ability to view the data remotely, once the farmer shares the access.


One lucky farmer will win 25 SenseHub ear tags plus a Base Station that will monitor activity, rumination, eating and calving distresses. The full system will be installed with full backup service and customer support thereafter.

The value of this system is €6,000 + VAT, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity. The lucky prize winner will be announced on Friday, April 16, and the system will be fully installed the following week.

The competition is now open, you can enter online here; or call Alan Heaney from Efficient Farm Systems on 087-9066479.

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