Search continues for marauding dog that has killed a ‘large number’ of sheep

A widespread search is continuing for a dog that has killed and attacked a large number of sheep in Northern Ireland recently.

It is believed a foxhound type dog, which is brown in colour, is involved in the recent spate of ‘serious sheep worrying cases’ in the Kildress area of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.

The Mid Ulster District Council’s Environmental Health service is appealing for anyone with information regarding the dog in question to come forward.

In recent incidents, large numbers of sheep have been killed or injured as a result of attacks along the Drum Road, Flo Road and Tulnacross Road areas of Kildress.

A number of sheep have had to be put down due to the severe nature of their injuries, according to the Mid Ulster District Council.

Work has been on-going in an effort to monitor the area and identify the dog responsible over the past few days.

Environmental Health staff are liaising with local landowners, following up all leads and have also conducted searches of derelict properties and trees which may be providing shelter for the dog.

Anyone with information that may assist in the search for the dog involved is asked to contact the Environmental Health office in Cookstown on: 03000-132-132 or via the council’s website.

The Mid Ulster District Council reminded all dog owners to continue to act responsibly and ensure their dog is under control at all times as well as securely housed at night.

Dog that killed over 50 sheep shot dead

Earlier this year, a dog which killed over 50 sheep in Co. Wexford and injured countless more was shot dead by a farmer.

In mid-February, a farmer returned to an area where sheep he owned had previously been killed, only to find the dog that was responsible had returned.

The dog responsible for killing over 50 sheep in Co. Wexford

At the time, it was estimated that the damage the dog had inflicted on local farmers amounted to close to €10,000.

Calls had previously been made for the army to be called in to help deal with the dog.

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