Russian firm to assemble Zetor tractors near Moscow

Zetor has entered the Russian tractor market. The first components are now being shipped to an assembly plant near Moscow.

The development follows negotiations with Kovrov Electromechanical Plant (KEMP) – a company from the Vladimir region of Russia (east of Moscow) that will assemble and supply Zetor tractors into the Russian market.

Margareta Vighova, Corporate Communications Director of Zetor, said: “Over the past decade, only certain pieces of Zetor tractors were exported to Russia. Therefore, we understand the current negotiations with a new Russian partner as a historic milestone for the Zetor brand.

“Entering the Russian market will strengthen the position of the brand in an area with strong potential and establish our place in that market.”

At the moment, the first dispatch is on its way to Russia. Then, we will assist our partner in setting up production processes and procedures to maintain the high quality of assembled machines.

“Thus, our specialists are going to be present in Russia for some time. It is necessary to stress that in no way will this mean a transfer of Zetor Tractors out of the Czech Republic.”

Components for more than 100 Forterra 135 models (compliant with Stage IIIA emissions standards) will be dispatched to the country before the end of this year. Assembly will be undertaken within KEMP facilities. In Russia, the Forterra 135 will reportedly be known as the Ant-Zetor F4135.

KEMP – the new Russian partner of Zetor – specializes in the production of hydraulic systems and components, CNC machines and components designed for robotic machines.

In Russia, the newly-assembled tractors will be used in agriculture, road maintenance and civil engineering.

This is further evidence of Zetor’s drive to open up new markets for its tractors.

Recently, the Czech tractor manufacturer has entered countries such as Iran, Myanmar, Israel, Zambia and Russia. Negotiations are in progress also in other parts of Asia and Africa.


“Strategic sales areas of the Zetor brand are located in western Europe and North America. In these cases, we are striving to strengthen our positions, which is slowly happening despite the overall sales crisis in the area of farming machines which has been here for nearly three years,” added Vighova.

“However, we can see potential in new markets; therefore, we are happy to see positive acceptance of our tractors and the positive approach of business partners towards finding different ways of cooperation – mainly in markets where we were present in the past.”