Returning workers reminded to close PUP claim

People returning to work on or after next Monday, May 18, are being reminded to close their claim for the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP).

The Government has announced that the first phase of the Roadmap for the Reopening of Society and Business is due to commence on the scheduled date on Monday.

Taking that into account, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has issued a statement advising workers who may be returning to work that day to close their claim for the PUP on Monday, “to make sure that they will not lose out in getting their payment for this week”, which is due to be paid out the following day, Tuesday, May 19.

Similarly, workers who will be returning to work any time after Monday are asked to close their claim for the PUP on the actual day they start back at work.

The easiest way to close a claim for the pandemic unemployment payment is online via

Workers who have queries on their PUP claim can contact the department helpline at: 1890 800 024.

A worker who is returning to work any day next week is still entitled to receive a PUP payment for the previous week in which they were unemployed (this week).

PUP extended beyond June

Payments under the PUP for those who will not be returning to work in the near future will continue beyond their original end date in June, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar confirmed in the Dáil last week.

The payment, which provides €350/week for employees and the self-employed who have lost their income and are fully unemployed due to the pandemic, was originally supposed to come to an end in early or mid-June.

“It will need to continue, at least until people have the opportunity to return to their jobs, and for the vast majority that won’t be possible before mid-June,” the Taoiseach said.