A new report has estimated that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to $4.3 billion (€4.06 billion) worth of agricultural damage in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s economy is forecasted to contract by 45% and the report warns that millions of people around the world are threatened with hunger due to the disruption caused to the country’s agri-food exports.

It stated that over eight million Ukrainians have been internally displaced by the conflict, with a further six million leaving the country.

Ukraine farmland

The latest Agricultural War Damages Review published by the Centre for Food and Land Use Research at the Kyiv School of Economics estimates that $2.1 billion worth of damage has been caused to farmland and unharvested crops.

The report outlines that the war could result in 2.4 million hectares of winter crops, worth over $1.4 billion, being unharvested.

The document, which is based on rapid damage assessment methodology, was complied with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Image Source: Kyiv School of Economics

Along with the physical damage to land caused by shelling, missile strikes and military vehicles; mines have also been laid in the ground which pose a “mortal threat” to Ukrainian famers.

An estimated $436 million will be needed to thoroughly inspect farmland for mines to determine that it is safe to work in.

Around $225 million will also be required to replace and repair damaged irrigation infrastructure.

Machinery and livestock damage

It is estimated that $926 million worth of damage has been caused to agricultural machinery in Ukraine, with tractors and trucks at the highest risk of being damaged.

The report also claims that more-expensive machinery is at risk of being stolen.

Storage facilities for agricultural produce, including silos and barns, have been reportedly targeted by Russian forces, according to the report.

An estimated 3.9 million tonnes of storage capacity could be at least partially damaged because of the war.

To repair and replace these facilities will cost around $272 million.

Image Source: Kyiv School of Economics

The report outlined that farm animals are dying directly due to the hostilities and farmers’ inability to access their holding, get feed or provide necessary veterinary care.

The report claims that 92,000 cattle have died, along with 258,000 pigs, 42,000 sheep and goats, and over 5,700 birds in the poultry sector.

The combined estimated value of such damages exceeds $136 million.

Meanwhile, the report claimed that agricultural inputs such as fertiliser and fuel are being stolen by Russian forces and 7,800ha of perennial crops have been partially or totally destroyed.

It also outlined that stored grains, oilseeds and outputs are expected to be lost due to theft at an estimated cost of $613 million.