Reminder: 2018 FCI agri contractor ‘guide’ rates are now ‘live’

Over recent weeks, we’ve brought you news that the FCI (The Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland) was busy compiling an ‘agricultural contracting charges (prices) guide’.

The FCI has since released a lengthy table, detailing rates for a whole plethora of on-farm (machinery) services.

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The table is available by clicking on this link.

The association is stressing that these charge-out rates should be treated as a “guide” and not a recommended price listing.

Image source: Shane Casey

Figures are included for a wide range of contractor services.

If you have a hankering to see these ‘prices’ in print, the table is available to peruse in the Irish Machinery & Equipment Yearbook 2018. That publication, available to buy, is also home to lists of prices for a wide range of (new) farm machinery.

In addition, the publication is home to machinery-related articles and features.

Guide-line rates

In any case, the aforementioned contractor charge-out rates are believed to be average, guide-line figures – sourced from FCI members. They may also change and evolve over time.

Image source: Shane Casey

Also bear in mind, of course, that charge-out rates (on the ground) can vary considerably – depending on any number of factors. Such factors might include the actual equipment used, the size of the job undertaken (number of acres, etc) or the distance travelled by the contractor to get to the job.

In all cases, the rates are based on a (green) diesel price of 70c/L. VAT (13.5%) must also be added.