Rainfall and wet conditions continue to halt tillage work

Inclement weather conditions in recent weeks have put a halt to tillage work. However, AgriLand has been informed that a number of farmers managed to carry out some ploughing last week. All of these reports came from Co. Wexford. However, you would struggle to even enter a field in most parts of the country.

The soil moisture deficits (SMDs) on poorly-drained soils are ranging from -10 to -8. The majority of soils in the country are – at least – at field capacity (SMD = 0). The best SMD value reported was a SMD = 1. These values were reported on well and moderately-drained soils.

These SMD figures are as a result of the wet winter that has showed no signs of stopping, as the snow continued to fall this week.

Data source: Met Éireann

In the sunny south east, 515.4mm of rain fell at Johnstown Castle since September. However, some drier soils are allowing for better soakage in this region.

Conditions are very different in Co. Donegal, where 660.3mm of rain fell at Malin Head. Over 200mm of this rain fell in January alone.

All met stations mentioned above saw heavy rainfall levels in January. Baldonnell experienced the lowest rainfall figures; 363.4mm of rain was recorded from September to January.