Questions answered on the merger of PastureBase Ireland and AgriNet Grass

PastureBase Ireland (PBI) and AgriNet Grass have joined forces to develop one grassland management programme.

Over the next few weeks, all AgriNet Grass clients will be contacted and their data will be transferred to PastureBase Ireland.

I am an AgriNet Grass user, what do I need to do to join PBI and what are my log in details?

You should have received a letter – from AgriNet Grass and Teagasc – outlining the merging of the two programmes. On the second page, there is some information that PBI needs in order to transfer your information. This section needs to be filled out and sent back using the pre-paid envelope before January 15.

Once your details are received, the PBI Help Centre will make contact with you and explain the transfer process. When transferred, you will be given log in details to PBI.

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I am using AgriNet Grass for four years now, are all my historical records gone?

Of course not, this is valuable to you. Every record that you have entered into AgriNet Grass will be transferred to PBI. It is important to note that the calculations used to generate the annual tonnage report are slightly different. If you have questions about your data, the PastureBase Ireland team is more than happy to help.

In AgriNet Grass I am part of a discussion group where I can see other farmers’ details, will I be connected to these farmers in PBI?

The option of creating a link with other farmers will be available in PBI from mid-January. When you join PBI, you will have to recreate these links with the farmers you want to share data with.

If you want to share data with another farmer, you will have to enter their email address or contact number in order to send an invitation. All research and demo farms will be available to all farmers (dairy, beef or sheep).

I like using AgriNet Grass and have found it very useful, what are the advantages of using PBI?

By using PBI, we are building the world’s first national grassland database. From this information, researchers in Teagasc will be able to see the level of grass production in any part of the country at any time.

There is a lot of valuable data in the AgriNet Grass database and this has never been analysed for a national or industry benefit.

The centralisation of bovine data in ICBF over the past 20 years has created significant gains for farmers. Centralisation of grass data – in PBI – will help to create similar gains in terms of understanding differences in grass production; creation of long-term grass output curves; establishing on-farm evaluation of new grass and clover varieties; and the management of grassland.

Is there an app from PBI?

Currently there is no app available for PBI. However, you can open PBI on the web browser on your smart phone and all functions are available to you; if you can make a call on your phone, you can use PBI.

Will there be a charge for PBI?

The use of PBI is covered in your annual Teagasc subscription.

More information

If you have any queries, please contact the PastureBase Ireland Help Centre. This is accessible by email at: [email protected] or by telephone: 046-9200965.

The PastureBase Ireland Help Centre is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm – Monday to Friday. You can also contact your local Teagasc office for further details.

Teagasc will also be running information sessions on PastureBase Ireland – across the country – in January.