Progressive Genetics has published its new dairy and beef catalogues ahead of the autumn/winter breeding period.

The ‘Dairy Sires October 2020’ catalogue sets out the range of sires available to suit various dairy breeding programmes.

Commenting on the release, Progressive Genetics representative Laurence Feeney said: “There really is a bull for everyone, as can be seen in our new catalogue.

There were concerns, prior to the release of new Economic Breeding Index [EBI] figures last week, as to how the changes the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation [ICBF] imposed were going to affect the ranking of their highly-ranked sires. However, we are happy to state that their rankings have more or less remained the same.

“We also have new sires which would have previously been a part of the Gene Ireland Program, [which] are now a part of our Active Bulls List.”

New beef catalogue

Progressive Genetics has also published its new range of ‘Beef Sires for Suckler Herds 2021’. This catalogue also sees a range of new sires across most beef breeds.

Speaking about the new beef catalogue, Laurence explained: “Bulls such as Limousin sire ‘Castleview Gazelle [ZAG]’ and Charolais sire ‘Fiston [FSZ]’ have been dominant leaders in our beef semen sales over recent years.

“The aim over the past few years has been to find their natural successors. Bulls such as Charolais sire ‘Lapon [CH4321]’ and Limousin sire ‘Cross Liam [LM4591]’ are being identified as ideal candidates.

“We also have added several homozygous and heterozygous polled Limousin sires to our panel, in order to meet demand.”

The dairy and beef catalogues are the first of a number of upcoming catalogues to be released by Progressive Genetics, which is based in Enfield, Co. Meath.

The upcoming planned catalogues will include:

  • Dairy crossbreds;
  • Red breeds – dairy;
  • Prestige Limousin;
  • Prestige Charolais;
  • Prestige Angus.

You can find a link to the beef catalogue here; a link to the dairy catalogue can be found here.