If Apple sold milk, could Avonmore compete?

If iphone-maker Apple turned its attention to producing food and we saw ‘imilk’ in the fridge, could Avonmore compete? It’s certainly food for thought and artist Peddy Mergui is showing us what it could look like if some of the world’s top designer brands moved into the aisle of our supermarkets.

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is the exhibit by Israel-based artist Paddy Mergui and his series of designer brands gives us a glimpse into what a few everyday grocery items might look like, if produced and packaged by some of the higher end brands in the world.

The exhibit, currently running in San Francisco, shows normal food stuffs packaged up under high end designer brands, including Bvlgari butter, HSBC rice, Prada flour, Apple milk and Nike fruit.

I’m not sure I could see Prada flour flying off the shelves of Tesco anytime soon, but if anyone has seen the Nespresso coffee queue snake around Brown Thomas, as people wait patiently to pay for something they could get considerably cheaper online, there is a demand for high-end, expensive food. So, it may only be a matter of time before we see Apple move into the milk aisle or Bvlgari nudge its way into Kerrygold’s premium butter market share.