The well established range of trailed Terrasam seed drills from Pottinger has just been extended by the addition of two new models, the Terrasem V 8000 D and Terrasem V 9000 D.

These new machines sit at the the top end of the range and offer working widths of 8m and 9m and may be custom-equipped to handle all site-specific conditions.

Pick and mix cultivators

A disc harrow is fitted as standard as the leading tillage tool, this, the company claims makes the machines ideal for mulch drilling.

They are also available with wave discs as an option for loosening the soil in strips.

The Classic version is supplied without tillage tools and is said to be impressively smooth when running on prepared seedbeds.

Pottinger notes that despite the large working widths, the drills are still capable of high operating speeds while retaining excellent positioning accuracy.

Mounting pattern revisited

The mounting of all the tillage tools has been reconfigured to ensure that the machine works efficiently and 100% in a straight line.

The disc harrow as well as the fertiliser coulters (D Z-machine) and Dual Disc seed coulters are mounted in an X configuration, thus cancelling any tendency for the machine to crab.

All tillage tools with revolving parts secured with sealed bearings, thus eliminating the need for regular greasing.

The two drills are equipped with two metering systems each as standard and have a seed hopper capacity of 5,600L.

Terrasem drills offer versatility

Seeding rates of 1.5kg to 420kg at 12km/h are possible. The seed flow rate can be adjusted on these machines without leaving the tractor seat.

It is also possible to vary the application configurations. These are seed alone, seed with fertiliser, two different mixtures of seed and additional components such as microgranules or a companion crop.

The two new models are also Agrirouter compatible and so ready for the attachment of data capture and machine control options as they become available.