Potato prices: Demand for early varieties

As the food-service trade reopens demand for potatoes is expected to increase. Demand for early varieties is continuing as Queens come to the market, according to the Irish Farmers’ Association’s (IFA’s) Potato Market Report.

Average yields are being reported by early growers and frost damage hit some of the earliest crops.

Looking at Roosters and the price remains unchanged from the end of June. The average price for a box of Roosters is still €350 and €3.50 for a 10kg bag.

The IFA also reported that, in the UK, 2019 stock is being cleared up to prepare for new-crop supply. However, the trade for early potatoes is reported to be slow. The lack of catering demand is thought to be affecting this.

The effect of the lockdown on European potato processing has now been estimated. In Holland, processing activity was estimated at 65% of where it was on the same time last year. 7.7% or 330,000t less raw material is estimated to have been used over a period of 12 months to the end of May.

In France, processing activity is estimated to be reduced to 52% on the same time last year.

Potato prices

The average ex-farm potato prices reported to the IFA are outlined below.

Average ex-farm potato prices according to the IFA on July 1:
  • Roosters box – €350;
  • Roosters 10kg bag – €3.50;
  • Whites box – €350;
  • Kerr Pinks 10kg bag – €4.50;
  • Golden Wonder 10kg bag – €5.50.