Reliable Brussels’ sources have told AgriLand that a ‘No’ vote in the European Parliament concerning   the adoption of the CAP measures delegated acts could delay the implementation of the EU’s new farm support measures  by a full year.

A rump of four politicians within the EU parliament’s Agriculture Committee – including Jim Nicholson from Northern Ireland  – has made it known that they disagree with certain aspects of the greening measures within the delegated texts.

The Agriculture Committee will agree its position on the delegated texts with the Parliament voting in plenary session on the issue in a fortnight’s time.  At this stage in the process the Parliament has only the power to say ‘yes’ or ’no’ to the content contained within the delegated texts. If they fail to giving their backing to the current drafts, then the Commission will have no option but to prepare a new set of texts, which the Parliament and the Council of Agriculture Ministers will have two months to assess. However, given the pending EU parliamentary elections, it will be mid-July, at least, before the MEPS could give active consideration to the amended texts prepared by the Commission.

Under such circumstances, the probability of individual member states submitting their detailed CAP implementation measures to Brussels by August 1st is remote. It is in this context that the possible year-long delay regarding the full implementation of the new CAP measures has arisen.

Brussels insiders put the chances of the European Parliament rejecting the current delegated texts as remote.  However, the European Commission has confirmed to AgriLand that Farm Commissioner Dacian Ciolos will spend a lot of time this week in discussions with members of the Parliament’s Agriculture Committee.

Meanwhile MEP Mairéad McGuinness has told AgriLand that the issues confronting the members of the Agriculture Committee this week are extremely serious in nature.

“The Farm Commissioner will have no option but to clarify his thoughts regarding the detailed implementation of the new greening measures,” she said.