Plans to tackle agri-emissions must improve farm incomes’ – Cooney

The Governments’ plan to tackle agricultural emissions “will only work if it delivers more income to farmers”,  according to deputy presidential candidate in the Irish Farmers’ Association’s (IFA’s) presidential elections – Thomas Cooney.

In a statement issued ahead of tonight’s IFA presidential debate in Cooney’s native county of Cavan, the dairy and beef farmer outlined that this can be achieved in line with a submission Cooney drafted as chairman of the IFA’s environment committee.

The next IFA presidential debate will take place tonight, Wednesday, November 20, in the Hotel Kilmore, Cavan, at 8:00pm.

He explained: “Changing emissions will only work if farmers are properly rewarded. This plan needs to deliver meaningful increases in farm incomes.

Anything less will simply not work. 12 months ago, as IFA environmental chairman, I asked for proper supports and resources to various departments to ensure that the emissions targets are delivered.

He acknowledged that his committee’s plan has been “largely endorsed” by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, and said: “I will not be satisfied unless farmers’ incomes are increased”.

I welcome the involvement of proper technical experts from the Department of Agriculture and other stakeholders in assessing the risk and the progress of these actions.

Concluding, the deputy candidate reiterated: “These actions can only come about when farmers are getting financially rewarded for the changes they are being asked to make.”