Pics: Tractor driver and owner to be prosecuted for worn trailer tyres

Both a tractor driver and the tractor’s owner are set to be prosecuted due to a trailer having “excessively worn and damaged” tyres.

A tweet on the official Garda twitter page shows a tractor that was stopped by Gardai on the M50 motorway. Apparently three out of the four tyres on the dump trailer the tractor was towing were deemed to be excessively worn and damaged.

Gardai advised everyone to “check the wire in your tyre”. A picture shows one tyre where the wire is clearly visible.

Garda, Tractor
Source: Offical Garda twitter page

However, one must question whether the tractor driver will face further problems for being pulled over on the M50 motorway.

Tractors are only allowed on the motorway if they can reach and maintain speeds of 50kph or more.

The Road Safety Authority of Ireland has also previously confirmed that the trailer being towed must be capable, by design, of being drawn at a speed of 50kph or higher.

Tractor destroys level crossing, causing major disruptions

Yesterday evening, major disruptions were caused to Irish Rail’s services between Maynooth and Sligo due to a tractor destroying a level crossing.

A photo posted on Irish Rail’s official twitter account showed a Deutz-Fahr tractor and a low-loader, which damaged the Barberstown level crossing. Dublin Bus honoured tickets purchased by Irish Rail customers, the tweet added.

tractor, level crossing
Source: Irish Rail

The incident took place at around 5:00pm on Thursday, June 22, just as the majority of people were making their way home from work.

It took Irish Rail close to two hours to get services back up and running. However, the public transport provider stated that all services were back running as normal by about 8:00pm.