Dutch machinery maker Tobroco-Giant has unveiled its latest wheel loader offering in the forms of the G2300 HD and G2300 X-TRA HD.

According to the Dutch manufacturer, users “have demanded a model which is located exactly” between the existing types G2200 HD+ and G2500 HD.

To meet this demand, the G2300 range was developed.


The machine is equipped with a 26hp Kubota engine with four cylinders and high torque and is certified to EU standard level V for clean engines.

The machine has a hydrostatical four-wheel-drive and limited slip on both axles.

Tipping loads of 1,595kg for the G2300 HD or 2,260kg for the X-TRA version “ensure powerful and efficient loading and unloading of materials”, Tobroco-Giant claims.


‘Compact power’

The whole power unit has got the “same high performance available” as the one of the G2500, a higher model up the range. However, the G2300 is “more compact”, with its frame “especially adjusted for this model to make room for the bigger engine”.

This way the machine has got a width of 108cm on standard tyres, making it easier to operate in tight spaces.

Another advantage highlighted by the manufacturer is that, with an operating weight of 2,300 and 2,350kg respectively, both models “can be transported very easily on a car trailer from one working site to the next”.

Finally, the firm notes that the G2300 models can be equipped with more than 200 different attachments.