Every farmer knows the job could never be a ‘nine-to-five’. Is this more of a blessing or more of a curse?

Either way, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And it certainly has been a tough year for many in the industry as Shane Beattie, a Co. Kildare farmer, points out.

Ahead of his Instagram takeover on the Agriland account on Saturday (April 3), Shane said that from a very young age, he was always out and about on the farm.

Kildare farmer keeping busy with tillage

“The farm is run by myself, my father Trevor, my uncle Maurice and my grandad, John, still helps out around the farm. My job being spraying, fertilising and everything in between,” he said.

“This year we have eight different crops growing – from barley, wheat, oats, peas and beans. Grass ground is used for hay/haylage for the equine industry.

 “The farm is approximately 1,000ac with 120ac leased/rented. All work is carried out by ourselves with no contractors involved.

“We have a few lads to call on during the busier times. I try to keep about 12 heifers a year that I fatten for the factory. Deliveries of hay and straw during the winter months keep us busy.”

‘I bought my first tractor last year’

Shane said he is “always trying to find new machinery to improve what we can do either faster or cheaper”.

He has a particular interest in machinery – “old and new, they all fascinate me”.

“I bought my first tractor last year after many years of saving, so it’s been put to good use over the past year,” he continued.

“I would be a strong believer in trying to reduce inputs [such as] spray, fertiliser as much as possible, to try farm in a more sustainable way – by using as much organic fertiliser as allowed.”

As a young farmer, Shane understands that getting into the industry for yourself “can be difficult – as land is a major factor and it’s hard to come by”.

“For someone starting off, it’s not the cheapest in terms of leasing land, machinery or animals,” he said.

“Also the lifestyle of farming – it’s pretty much a 24/7 job whether you want it that way or not. I think some people just rather the life of a ‘nine-to-five’ without having to worry about anything like the weather or the poor prices that farmers receive for their produce.”

During his takeover on Saturday, Shane said that one can expect to see “lots of machinery” and what a typical day might be like on the farm – “even though everyday is different”.

“I will hopefully get around to the few different farms to show some of the crops that are growing at the moment,” he added.

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