Pics: A break from the rain with some great winter sunrise shots

This morning, parts of the country experienced a break from the rain that has been a constant over the past number of weeks.

Twitter users took to the social media site to share their views of the sunrise and early morning.

Ali Sheridan the founder of Purpose Hub and former Origin Green ambassador tweeted this photo this morning.

The founder of Brown Envelope Seeds Madeline McKeever put this photo of the sunrise over west Cork on Twitter.

She captioned it “look out shepherds, I think there is some more weather coming”.

Samuel Deane, originally from Cork but now living in Hampshire and working as an agronomist with Premium Crops, shared this great photo on Twitter.

“When I was younger I wanted a job that was outside. Agronomy gives me that,” he said.

Zwartbles Ireland shared two photos; one of the sheep in the shed and another of the view from the farm this morning.

“A glorious morning crisp, cold and almost clear skies,” Suzanna, who runs the account, said.

RTE’s Fran McNulty tweeted this photo of the sunrise across the fields in Longford.

Racehorse trainer Barry Murphy shared this video of his riders riding out his horses with the sunrise behind them this morning.

He captioned it “Race against the sunrise!”.

David Walsh-Kemmis tweeted this great shot of the sunrise over the gluten free oats for Glanbia Agribusiness.

He said that there was no visible damage from all the recent rain.