Pics: 2018 calving season well underway

The 2018 calving season is well underway on many dairy farms across the country, with plenty of farmers taking to Twitter to share pictures and videos of their new arrivals.

Between now and the end of May, it is expected that in the region of 1.5 million dairy calves will be born right across Ireland.

Here are just some of the highlights tweeted by farmers around the country.

While the calving period may just be taking off on some farms, others are right in the thick of it.

Despite the particularly long hours at this time of year, it’s obvious that farmers take great pride in their work.

There are concerns though regarding the live export of calves from Ireland to the continent, as a replacement ferry for the Stena Horizon has yet to be confirmed.

Serving the Rosslare-to-Cherbourg route, the Stena Horizon is scheduled to go into dry dock for a number of weeks in order for maintenance works to be carried out – right in the middle of a key period for live calf exports.

However, it is hoped that a replacement vessel – with the specific certification to carry live export trucks – will be found in the very near future to serve the route.