Pic: ‘Uninsured’ Ford tractor seized by Gardai in Wicklow

A tractor has been seized by An Gardai Siochana after being stopped at a checkpoint in Co. Wicklow.

Gardaí conducting an Operation Thor checkpoint seized the Ford tractor, which hadn’t been taxed or insured for more than 15 years, An Gardai Siochana said in an official tweet.

In late February, a driver in Co. Wicklow was fined for towing a trailer on three wheels, which was carrying a total of 30 ewes on board.

The driver was ‘left sheepish’ as the Gardai declared the “wool wouldn’t be pulled over their eyes”.

The trailer was moved into a nearby field and a fine was issued to the driver, according to the Gardai.

Image: Garda twitter
Image: Garda twitter

All trailers must meet with Irish Road Traffic Regulations when in use in a public place, according to the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

These regulations set out the law in relation to weights, lights, brakes, plating, under-run side-guards and the securing of loads, it said.

Before towing a trailer the RSA recommends that drivers check their licence, as the type of trailer a driver is allowed tow depends on their licence type. 

The RSA also suggests that farmers and those towing trailers must ensure that they are aware of the towing capacity of their vehicles and that trailers are in safe working order.

Also in February, Gardai in the Tipperary Traffic Corp seized a tractor which was driving on three wheels, with the fourth tyre tied to the back of a service trailer it was towing.

Photos of the seized tractor were posted by the Gardai on the Garda Traffic Twitter page.

Image: Garda twitter
Image: Garda twitter