The Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, announced the opening of the Animal Welfare, Safety and Nutrient Storage Scheme last week.

One of the new TAMS II farm investment schemes, it includes investments such as animal housing, calving pens, manure pits, mass concrete tanks, circular slurry stores and circulation pipes to allow for agitation of slurry, as well as a range of safety elements.

Under the scheme all farmers can avail of grant aid of 40%. For more information on the new schemes visit our dedicated TAMS II section.

Cattle handling investments have been some of the most popular projects in previous schemes and this is unlikely to change with the launch of the new TAMS II schemes, according to Dessie Donohoe of Performance Steel in Oldcastle, Co. Meath.

He says he is ‘inundated’ with calls since the schemes were launched and has delivered new cattle handling systems to farmers throughout the country.

Here are some of the most popular items which Performance Steel stock and qualify under the scheme:

Mobile handling unit – €1,400 + VAT

For ultimate flexibility Performance Steel says cattle farmers cannot improve upon its range of portable cattle handling equipment – suitable for field usage (can also be used in a yard but may require some permanent fixtures).

Standard hurdles are 6 rail x 1525mm high with box section in-fillers for added strength, whilst gates in hurdles and frames can be hung either left or right. Also available 7 rail x 1830 high .

Performance Steel says all items are quick and easy to assemble and because of its modular nature farmers can make the system as large or small as their needs or space will allow.



Kit Comprises of:

  • 3050mm 6 Rail Portable Cattle Hurdle x 10
  • 20mm Diameter Coupling Bar 1400mm Long x 15
  • 840mm Wide Race Arch x 1
  • 840mm Wide Race Arch c/w Gate x 1
  • 1575mm Wide Race Arch c/w Gate x 1
  • A basic set of hurdles, gates and frames which can be set up and used in various ways to suit the farmer’s individual requirement



Saracen Full Access – €2,200 – plus VAT


The Saracen Full Access’s fully welded tapered tread plate floor to help keep the animals feet inside the cattle crush when the side doors are open

Performance Steel also hghlights its two full height side doors on each side (hinged from each end) allow full access with no obstructions to the animal’s flanks

The crush also comes complete with a single removable rail each side which prevents the animal’s body swinging out of the cattle crush when both side doors are opened. This rail can be left in place/situ with the side doors closed

Product Details

  • Length – 2340 mm
  • Base Length – 2030 mm
  • Width – 838 mm
  • Internal Width – 738 mm
  • Height – 2000 mm

Saracen Dual Width – €3550 + VAT



Performance Steel says the Saracen Dual Width’s unique “frame within a frame” enables the crush width to be set at 580mm, 659mm and 738mm by simply lifting the side operating handles “over centre”

It also has two full height side doors on each side hinge from a middle pillar to allow access to the animal’s flanks.

Pallet fork lifting points are also welded onto the top horizontal rails.




The Saracen Dual Width also has a traditional backing up bar facility

Another feature is the fully welded slightly tapered tread plate floor to help keep the animals feet inside the cattle crush when the side doors are open




Head Scoop – €420



Performance steel also distributes the new SuperScoop. It says its design incorporates a few changes to improve all round usefulness, access and to improve strength at the same time.

The unit now functions more effectively for all types of cattle breeds by being slightly smaller on the edges where the animals eyes are, and when they have lateral head movement when the scoop is engaged, there is far less instance of ear tags being removed due to the new shape.

Particular improvement has been noticed in testing on smaller breeds or younger animals. Where the previous design disallowed access to ear tags and could potentially allow the animal to rub them out of their ear, this has been greatly reduced now.


head scoop


According to Performance Steel larger breeds in testing had exactly the same amount of hold in place, as the operation of the SuperScoop is to lift the chin of the animal vertically, so the change in profile has no effect on the breeds where the ear tag and eye access was not a problem.



Product Details

  • The Super Scoop is only suitable for the Chieftain and Saracen cattle crush range plus the Saracen and Chieftain yoke gates in frames.
  • Restricts the side to side movement of the animals head
  • Provides increased safety for the animal and the operator
  • Takes the strain out of tasks such as dosing and ear tagging
  • Keeps the head up so reducing the risk of the animal choking helps prevent animal collapsing
  • May need some self assembly