Almost three quarters of people in rural Ireland feel conversation about death and funeral arrangements is lacking, according to a new report from An Post Insurance.

The ‘Lets Talk About Funerals’ survey showed that 72% of participants said people must be more open about discussing the topic, while the same amount stated that they believe being financially prepared for their funeral is important.

In addition to this, 45% of people said they are worried about leaving the burden of these costs on their loved ones.

Furthermore, many people in rural Ireland said they know what process they would prefer for their funeral, with 59% of people saying they want to be buried and 41% saying they would rather a cremation.

Despite these statistics however, a low number of people have actually put their affairs in order, as only 27% said they are well prepared in terms of planning their funeral and how the cost of it will be covered.

According to An Post, the cost of an average funeral comes in at just below €6,000, yet 30% of people in rural Ireland were unable to accurately estimate this. By extension, 60% of people surveyed were unaware that funeral insurance exits.

Of those who were aware such insurance is available, only 6% currently hold a funeral insurance policy. Commenting on the report’s findings, Gary Finnerty, head of marketing with An Post Insurance said:

“It’s encouraging to hear that so many people feel we need to be more open about discussing death and funeral arrangements.

“While it may seem insensitive to some, pre-planning your own funeral can take some of the burdens off loved ones at a difficult time while ensuring you get exactly the funeral you want.”

To coincide with the report, An Post Insurance has released a guide to preparing for your funeral which is freely available in post offices nationwide.

The guide offers information on how to make a will free of charge, making practical plans, the cost of a funeral in Ireland as well as funeral insurance options.