Avonmore has launched an innovative new design for its milk cartons, which makes them easier to open, pour more smoothly and flatten more conveniently for recycling, it says.

The new Elopak carton (Pure-Pak Sense) is a first for the Irish food market and is being introduced across the Avonmore milk range starting with Avonmore Super Milk, which is on shelves now.

The new packs have a twist cap that seals in the freshness but is simple to open with just one twist. It is wider than the existing caps so pouring is smoother and special folds in the cartons make flattening the carton for the green bin simpler, according to Glanbia.

The cartons also have a bright new modern look with a family feel to the design.

“Milk is important throughout the day and therefore packaging and ease of opening are essential for our consumers,” said Robert Jordan, Glanbia Consumer Foods. “We continually review our packaging to offer the best in terms of convenience for our customers, whilst at the same time ensuring the top quality and taste of our milk remains the same,” he said. 

Avonmore has been at the leading edge of milk pack innovation over the last 30 years. It was the first brand to introduce paper cartons to the Irish market and cartons have played a central role in the brand story ever since.