New Holland launches updated ‘specialist’ tractor range

Multinational agricultural machinery manufacturer New Holland has announced the launch of its new T4 FNV tractors.

While the “specialist” tractor is designed for fruit farmers in particular, it is a (relatively) small machine that is “more than capable of taking on tasks in other sectors”.

According to New Holland, the updated specialist tractor range boasts more power and performance. There are four models with varying engine sizes and three different widths – 1.06m, 1.23m and 1.47m – available in the range, alongside a new cab.

The Blue Cab 4 option on the tractor is said to give the operator “best-in-class” protection against dust, aerosols and vapours during spraying.

The new line-up ranges in power from 75hp to 107hp and models are named accordingly, as per New Holland’s naming system – the T4.80 has 75hp; the T4.90 churns out 86hp; the T4.100 is capable of 99hp; and the T.110 packs 107hp.

New Holland

The T4s are powered by 3.4L 4-cylinder engines which were developed by FTP Industrial.

The T4.110 model churns out a maximum power of 107hp at 2,300rpm and is the highest output ever offered by New Holland in a speciality tractor, according to the company itself.

All models deliver constant maximum power between engine speeds of 1,900 and 2,300rpm, the manufacturer added.

Transmissions include: Split Command; Shuttle Command; Powershuttle; and Dual Command. An optional creep speed is available with both the Shuttle Command and Dual Command transmissions.

The T4 FNV range has a 99L fuel capacity – up by 20L on previous models – and offers “low engine service intervals of 600 hours”.

Looking toward the rear linkage, it is claimed that – with adjustment – the linkage can work Cat I or Cat II implements.

New Holland

Remote linkage controls and quick-attach couplings are offered as standard, while optional extras include electronic draft control.

Hydraulic flow is courtesy of an 82L/min pump, which is separate to the power steering.

For front linkage needs, a lift capacity of up to 1,970kg is provided through a new folding front linkage system, with up to 93hp available through the front PTO.

Steering and manoeuverability are highlighted, with the manufacturer noting a turning radius of 2.9m and an effective steering angle of 76°. The T4 V and N tractors can be specified with either 2WD or 4WD front axles. Automatic 4WD is provided on T4 N and F machines if rear wheel slip goes over 5% or on slopes of 10° or more. 4WD also kicks in when both brake pedals are lowered.