The IFA launched a new guide to farm schemes at the Tullamore Show – designed to explain schemes and inspection protocols.

With farm incomes under severe pressure this year, IFA President Eddie Downey said at the Tullamore Show that it was never more important that the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney deliver direct payments on time, within the deadlines dates recently agreed in the new Charter of Farmers’ Rights.

Speaking at the Tullamore Show Eddie Downey said direct payments will be critically important to farmers this year.

“We will hold the Minister and the Department to account and insist on full payment delivery across all schemes in line with the commitments negotiated in the new Charter.”

He said the IFA Guide outlines the details across all the schemes in one simple, summarised document and also outlines farmers’ rights on inspections and payments, as set out in the New Farmers Charter.


Eddie Downey said it is essential that the Government delivers on its funding commitment to the Rural Development Programme (RDP) of €580m, to provide for the farm schemes in this year’s Budget.

“Throughout the downturn, the primary agriculture and agri-food sector delivered increased employment and export earnings, contributing significantly to our economic recovery. However, the cuts to farm schemes in successive budgets have had a damaging effect on farm incomes particularly in the vulnerable, low-income drystock sectors.”