The latest manifestation of the Lexion series of combines has now been with us for three years and Claas has just given it both a makeover and a new model, which slots into the middle of what is now range of seven engine sizes and sixteen models.

The range comes in two main groupings which are defined by drum width, the 7000 series and the 8000 series, and it is the latter which has received the most attention with more powerful engines and larger grain tanks.

Universal cab for Lexion

All the Lexion combines will also benefit from the larger cab taken from the new Trion range. In addition to the extra room it has the option of a leather seat which may be swilled by 30° to either side.

Cab combine Claas
All new Lexions will be fitted with the improved Trion cab

The pillars are also thinner and the displays are enlarged and upgraded to ensue greater readability under all lighting conditions.

Dynamic steering, which reduces the number of turns of the steering wheel by 40% making it easier for the operator to turn at the headlands, will also be available to those who want it, as will a 30L coolbox.

Wider drum

The latest model is the Lexion 8600 which is available in either wheeled or tracked form. The Lexion 8600 Terra Trac has a larger grain tank which holds 1,000L more than its conventionally equipped sibling.

Otherwise, they share the same 1.7m-wide drum which distinguishes them from the 7700 models and below, which have a 1.42m threshing unit.

Claas trion grain tank
An optional swivel spout is available to help control the unloading process

What Claas has done with the 8600 models is give growers the choice of drum width at the 549hp mark.

The model is not actually new, it was introduced in US, with its thinner crops, in 2019 and it is only now that Claas has the confidence to let it loose in Europe after testing it over here during the last two seasons.

Biggest brother

Meanwhile, the bigger 8800 and 8700 models get some added beef in the power department. The smaller 8700 now comes with 626hp while the 8800 provides 700hp.

At the very top of the tree sits the Lexion 8900 which, other than the new cab, appears to have evaded the design engineers attention, retaining its 790hp MAN D42 engine and 18,000L grain tank on the Terra Trac version.

Terra trac Lexion grain tank
All Terra Trac equipped models have a larger grain tank

The Lexion range will be provided with the new GPS Pilot with CEMIS 1200 terminal for automated steering and online documentation while Cemos Connect for optimised fleet use will be available as an option.

There is also the ability to choose the Cemos Auto Header for automatic adjustment of the Vario cutter bar while the machine is in work.