At the National Ploughing Championships (NPC) this year, there was a little something for everyone to feast their eyes on.

Coming into the back end of the year now, although it’s while away yet, interest tends to rise in calf-rearing facilities as calving time gets closer.

On a walk around of the site, Agriland spoke to UK-founded company Buitelaar about its mobile calf unit as calving edges closer.

Speaking to Agriland, Myles Fitzgerald of Buitelaar Group said: “The mobile calf unit standing in front of us is known as ‘high health unit’.

“It has been developed over six years on a development farm in the UK.

“The 6m front x 4m depth size allows for 8-10 calves/bay to be housed up to 12 weeks of age.

“We have been getting feedback, beyond belief, with daily liveweight gains of 1.15kg/day and a reduction in antibiotic usage based on trial work carried out from it.”

The shed itself consists of polypropylene walls, panels and a non-drip insulated steel roof with a gap between the eaves and the wall partitions at the back of unit, to increase airflow in and out of the unit.

It has a galvanised steel framework offering an angled roof with an overhang to create a stack effect and consists of easy-to-clean panelling.

At the front is a feed barrier with a feeding trough incorporated onto it.

The cost of the three-bay unit on show at the NPC is standing at €16,500 plus VAT.

It’s bolted down on a hardcore or concrete base with two people able to fit it within a day, Myles said.