Mild and damp conditions forecast for the week ahead

A mixture of mild and damp conditions are expected for the week ahead, according to the Irish meteorological office.

There will be a cool, calm and dry start to today (Monday, October 1). Some sunny spells may develop in the south and east, but it is set to remain cloudy overall.

It is forecast to be dry for a time, but rain and drizzle will move into the west and north-west by early evening – with blustery coastal conditions forming here too.

West to south-west breezes will freshen through the day, as temperatures range between 13º and 15º, according to Met Eireann.

Tonight will be mild, misty and damp tonight. Temperatures are set to drop to around 10º overnight.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, is forecast to be rather cloudy and breezy, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle at times – especially over the north midlands and north.

It is expected to turn generally brighter in the afternoon in southern counties, with some sunny breaks developing.

Temperatures will reach as high as 17º during the afternoon in some parts of the country.

Tomorrow night is forecast to be mild with a little patchy rain in places. A good deal of cloudy is likely, but some clears are set to develop in the south. Overnight temperatures will remain similar to the previous night.


On Wednesday, conditions are set to be rather cloudy with some scattered outbreaks of rain – mostly in western and northern parts of the country.

In the east and south, it will remain mostly dry – with the possibility of some bright or sunny spells developing. Afternoon temperatures will vary between 15º and 16º in moderate south-west breezes, according to Met Eireann.

There will be the danger of patchy drizzle falling on Wednesday night in some areas, it added.


There will be a mostly dry start to the day on Thursday in the midlands, east and south of the country.

But rain will become persistent through the west and north during the morning, and then spread to the eastern and southern areas during the afternoon and evening, the Irish meteorological office warned.

Temperatures will reach as high as 17º during the course of the day.

Friday is set to be a cool day, with rain likely in southern and eastern areas in the morning. It is expect that this rain will then affect western and northern areas during the afternoon.