Mental Health Ireland and Dr. Pat Bogue of Broadmore Research & Consulting are working together to establish, from an Irish perspective, what training needs and resources will be beneficial to provide practical supports to address mental health in farming.

A partnership was developed within a number of EU countries to specifically look at the mental health needs of farmers and farm families and others involved in the agricultural sector.

In order to develop an implementation plan to deliver programmes and create resources for the farming community, it has been decided to undertake a training needs analysis. The group will be submitting a project proposal for consideration by the Erasmus+ programme.

Anonymous survey

This partnership is seeking members of the farming community to fill out a survey, in order to establish and gain a better understanding of the needs in farming to develop the project proposal.

It is welcoming the views of farmers, farm families and those working with farmers (advisors, vets and others in the industry).

The questionnaire is anonymous and does not require any personal details.

“Mental health awareness has never had as good a profile as in recent months due to the impact that Covid-19 has been having on people lives from all dimensions, including social and physical health,” the group said.

This is a good thing because there is so much conversation about mental health and wellbeing that people understand and relate to it as an important quality of overall health.

The questionnaire can be accessed here.