Numbers were starting to ease off in the run up to Christmas at Granard Mart for its weekly sale of dry cows, heifers and bullocks.

Speaking to Agriland following this week’s sale, Granard Mart’s manager, Jodie Reilly explained:

“Numbers were back on the week before but demand for what was there was very strong.”

The sale featured 120 lots of heifers, dry cows and bullocks as well as a small showing of sheep before the cattle sale took place.

“Store cattle are still a super trade,” Jodie explained, adding that 500kg store bullocks were making €1,300 and 450kg bullocks were making €1,170.

Heavier cattle are making €1,000 along with their weight freely still.”

“Plainer heifers are making €2.00/kg freely and smaller better-type store heifers are making a good bit more.”

Jodie outlined that factory agents are scooping up the heavier, forward-type cattle both online and ringside while feedlots and farmers are buying the lighter-type store.

Jodie noted abattoirs still have “a keen interest in heavy, well-fleshed cows and are buying up these lots when they come into the ring”.

He explained: “For example, a continental cow at 755kg made €1,770 here recently and was bought online by a factory buyer. Any of the heavier cattle, it seems to be the factory agents who are buying them all online here.”

Northern buyers are still fairly active and bought “about 10% of the cattle sold” at Granard Mart on Wednesday (December 15) Jodie explained.

Commenting on the weanling trade, he said: “Our weanling sale takes place here every Monday night and there has been another great lift in the weanling trade over the last few weeks.

“Last Monday night, we had 150 weanlings on offer with a 99% clearance and a very strong demand for weanlings among farmers.”

Granard Mart will host its final sale for 2021 on Monday night, December 20.

The sale will consist of weanlings and approximately 20 springer cows.

“We hope to have over 100 lots here on Monday and that will be it until the new year,” Jodie said.

Sales will resume in 2022 at Granard Mart with a weanling sale on Monday, January 10 with the Wednesday sale resuming on January 19.

Jodie thanked farmers for their custom in 2021 and said he hoped to see everyone back in the mart when sales resume in the new year.

“We had a good year here and I’d like to wish all the patrons of Granard Mart a happy Christmas and new year,” he said.