Today, October 6, is a “massive day” for the proposed South Kerry Greenway – and for “generations to come”.

Fianna Fáil councillor Michael Cahill has said that he is “very hopeful” that Mr. Justice Richard Humphreys will “give an ironclad go-ahead shortly in the High Court” for the South Kerry Greenway.

In July, judicial reviews brought against the project were dismissed in the court. Soon after, those who brought the legal challenges applied to appeal this decision.

Councillor Cahill said that it is “11 years since the South Kerry Development Partnership completed a feasibility study on the greenway”.

South Kerry Greenway ‘on everybody’s lips’

“Despite numerous other similar projects being up and running having started later, the people of Kerry are still awaiting the final green light to commence building,” the councillor said.

As an “ardent supporter” of the greenway “from day one”, he is hoping that today will be the day that “the people of Kerry can begin to plan for their futures, the futures of their children and their children’s children”.

“The South Kerry Greenway is on everybody’s lips, wherever you go, as it is seen as the great hope for a whole region and its people,” he said.

“I represented Kerry County Council recently in London at freeman of London Danny Tim O’Sullivan’s walking of his sheep across London Bridge and I was approached by many, many emigrants looking for an update on progress of the greenway project.

“The comment by most was that ‘it’s a no-brainer’ and ‘it just has to happen’. They all see the possibility that they can return to their native shore with a livelihood available.”

The councillor added that “all necessary accommodations for landowners must be put in place so that everybody can equally benefit”.

“The substantial delay will have increased the overall cost of this project, but we cannot hold back; at twice the price, it will be well worth the investment for generations to come,” he said.

“This will be a lifeline and a game-changer. It cannot be emphasised strongly enough: October 6, is a massive, massive day for the people of Kerry and for generations to come.”

The 30km greenway is proposed to mainly be constructed along the route of the Southern and Western Railway, which has not been in use for decades.