Macra na Feirme has decided to cease the production of its charity fundraising calendars following “significant dissatisfaction” from its members across the country.

According to a letter seen by Agriland, the decision was made following the organisations National Council Meeting held on Saturday, November 14.

“Macra’s National Council decided on Saturday 14th November to discontinue the calendar and cease the initiative.”

According to the letter, this step has been taken following upset among both members of Macra and the general public.

There was significant dissatisfaction and upset amongst members and the general public that there was a false impression given about the funding being generated.

Macra added that it was sorry for any confusion caused over the original fundraising targets which were presented to its members throughout Ireland.

The letter apologises for the mistakes made which led to this false impression.

It added that it was also confirmed at the National Council Meeting meeting that half of the proceeds from calendar sales after costs will be donated to the Walk in My Shoes campaign.

It has also been decided that half the proceeds from calendar sales, after costs, will be donated to the Walk in My Shoes campaign.

Macra Calendar aimed to highlight the importance of positive mental health

The aim of the 2015-2016 calendar was to highlight the importance of positive mental health, these calendars were first sold at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.

According to Macra, these calendars were originally created to raise the serious issue of protecting your mental health.

Commenting at the time, Macra National President Seán Finan, said protecting our mental health is as important as keeping physically fit.

Macra is an organisation that helps you keep mentally fit by getting involved, playing team sports and building up your social skills.

It provides a social outlet for young people, whether they live in isolated parts of rural Ireland or the middle of a city.

“We can provide young people with the opportunity to meet new people, make an impact on your community by working with those in need, keep active by playing sports, and increase your confidence with our public speaking and performing arts programmes.”