Those considering purchasing machinery have been urged to talk to their dealer rather than letting news of long lead in times put them off completely.

Prices of tractors and other farm machinery and delivery times for machines have increased as manufacturers experience difficulties in securing components due to geopolitical political events and inflation.

A number of large manufacturers have reported delivery times of up to 13 months, which may be problematic for those who are planning to purchase at a certain time of year, when cashflow is strong.

Speaking on the latest episode of Farmland, area sales manager with New Holland Agriculture, Liam Hayde said that machinery sales typically follow a calendar, which is now disrupted.

“Around October or the end of September people would start shopping for machinery and there would always be that 12-14 week production cycle.

“If we had an order by then, we’d be able to deliver it by the end of December, but now that isn’t feasible.

However, he said that buyers shouldn’t let this put them off, as there may be a short-term solution to keep them going until the new product that has been ordered comes in.

“I’ve heard of instances where some of my dealers have actually brought second-hand tractors in to keep customers going until their new one arrives. Units were delayed and they were given something to keep them going.”

Hayde urged people considering a purchase to talk to their dealership so that they can make a plan for a new product down the line, and also ask the question of whether or not they can be provided with something else in the short-term.

So, if you’re interested in something now, put your hand up, talk to us, we can maybe find something to suit you,” he said.

“We can always spec change it if it’s due to be produced. So, plan ahead and then we can all get to a point where we can deliver something that’s acceptable to you in a timeframe that is suitable to you.”

You can view the full interview with Liam Hayde from New Holland on Farmland by clicking here.