Letter to the editor: Greyhound industry ‘conning’ Ireland

The body representing the lrish greyhound industry recently gave itself a new name – Rásaíocht Con Éireann. An organisation’s name has surely never been more appropriately chosen.

For since 2002, this industry has managed to extract just short of €300 million from the public purse, having somehow persuaded several governments that they are a significant contributor to the economy and an essential part of lrish life. 

When in reality, the industry is a text book example of an financial basket case, and greyhound racing is an activity engaged in by a tiny minority of lrish people. 

Conning Éireann indeed!

From Nuala Donlon, spokesperson for Greyhound Action Ireland

The Social Democrats’ bill to defund the Irish greyhound racing industry fell “at the first hurdle” last week (Wednesday, November 26).

The party brought a motion to the Dáil to oppose increased funding for Irish greyhound racing and called on the government to phase out state support for the sector.

In 2021, greyhound racing in Ireland will benefit to the tune of €19.2 million from state funding.

The motion called for the €2.4 million in increased funding earmarked for greyhound racing to be halted. The party also proposed that the government should:

  • Refocus greyhound racing funding to the welfare of dogs impacted by breeding and racing associated with the industry;
  • Phase out state support for the Irish greyhound industry by 2025.

The government amendment, which neutralised the motion, passed with 94 votes in favour, compared to 57 against. This means the Social Democrats’ motion will not progress.