There is less than a week to go to the hedge cutting season, which runs from September 1 up until March 1.

A spokesperson for the Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht said that the review findings of the Departmental Working Group by Minister Heather Humpherys are not expected before the season commences.

Some 188 submissions were made to the Working Group and it is to report back to the Minister with a range of proposals in the near future.

The Department said that any proposed changes to the closed season will require current legislation to be amended.

Ahead of the season, do you know what the best practice is when it comes to hedge cutting?

Teagasc said that from an environmental aspect we are not cutting hedgerows to look neat.

If we want birds and wildlife in hedgerows, best practice is to side trim to a triangular shape, it said that leaving the peak as high as possible, sloping both sides from a wide base.

This allows light to the base encouraging dense growth at ground level, it says.

According to Teagasc, hedgerows with a dense base require trimming to maintain them and prevent them growing up into relict hedgerows of mature trees with distinct boles and full canopies.

It is possible to cut the growing point at the top of the hedgerow without creating a flat top, it says.

Teagasc highlight that currently many hedgerows which are trimmed regularly need to be allowed grow taller and wider.