Courtesy of its new Solitair DT specification, Lemken has completely restructured its range of trailed seed drill combinations.

Minimal draught resistance, an integrated compact disc harrow, comfortable operation and a large, divided seed hopper feature within the new seed drill.

It is available in 4m and 6m width options, and Agriland attended a special launch of the machinery at a demonstration in Germany.

To ensure good reconsolidation in the first working step, the new Solitair DT features a leading tyre packer, according to the company.

Seed drills from Lemken

For the second step of seedbed preparation, the Solitair DT is equipped with a compact disc harrow with relatively large 465mm diameter concave discs, that are individually protected against overloads by leaf springs. 

If a reduced intensity of tillage is required, vertical corrugated discs can be used instead of the concave discs, which penetrate the soil less, reducing both moisture loss and the emergence of weeds.

If targeted reconsolidation of seed rows is required, a trapeze packer roller can be attached behind the disc harrow.

At the heart of the Solitair’s seeding technology are individual electrically driven, fertiliser-proof metering units, each of which supplies one distributor with seeds.

The seed metering wheels are combined into seed wheel sets, eliminating the need to switch seed wheels on and off while the seed wheel sets can be changed without tools.

Significantly, the coulter bar fitted to the Solitair DT features parallelogram-guided OptiDisc double disc coulters with depth control wheel.

The DT seed hopper holds a volume of up to 5,100L and is available in a dual hopper version.

The dual hopper allows the Solitair DT to be used for combined seeding with fertiliser or for sowing different seeds.

Two variants are available; with the single-shot version, the fertiliser and seeds are placed in a shared seed furrow, whereas the double-shot version places fertiliser in a line below the seed level via separate fertiliser double disc coulters.

The new Solitair DT will be launched for the 2022 autumn planting season.