Lely ‘continues its focus’ by selling wind turbine operation

Agriculture technology company Lely has decided to sell off its wind turbine operations in an effort to “continue its focus”.

Lely Aircon will be sold to wind turbine maintenance firm Bettink Service Team, and will become part of the latter’s ‘BestWatt’ sustainable energy solution.

Lely says that, despite its continued belief in the benefits of wind farms, the Lely Aircon project is no longer in the company’s strategic interests.

According to a statement from Lely, the company intends to sharpen its focus on robotics and farming in the dairy sector, which has prompted the sale.

The Lely Aircon turbines are employed on dairy farms, and have “brought many sustainable benefits” for dairy farmers, according to the company.

However, the group says that, in order for this to be a “future-proof operation”, it would have to expand this service beyond the dairy sector; however, Lely’s distribution channel isn’t set up for this.

The company believes that it has found the right buyer for Aircon; Bettink is a “solid and reputable” partner, according to the statement.

Bettink has a wealth of experience in the installation, commission, service and maintenance of wind turbines around the world.

All customers will be transferred, and customers who are currently with Lely Aircon will now have their wind turbines serviced by Bettink.

Lely says it will continue to look at options for energy neutral solutions in order to “make the most of resources available on the farm”.