The noise produced by larger wind turbines are producing noise levels above that which is allowed according to Prof. Alun Evans, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology in Queens University at the 2014 Summer Scientific Meeting at the Royal College of Physicians.

Prof. Evans, was speaking at the 2014 Summer Scientific Meeting at the Royal College of Physicians medical conference on Thursday 22nd May. He stated that there was ‘clear evidence’ that, as the size of wind turbines had increased, so has the infrasound and low frequency sounds generated by them and that they were now emitting ‘serious amounts of noise’. ‘When you measure them with the correct filters you find they are producing noise levels which are far above what’s supposed to be permitted,’ he said.

Wind Aware Ireland welcomes Prof. Alun Evans’s recent comments. We are pleased that such an eminent medical practitioner is raising awareness of the potential health risks of wind turbines.

Prof. Alun Evans also called for the Government to carry out a full economic appraisal of wind turbines.

Wind Aware Ireland also supports this call and has consistently called for a full independent Cost Benefit analysis to be undertaken in Ireland. This analysis would consider the economic, environmental and social effects of the current wind energy policy, including such issues as potential health risks either to particular cohorts or the population in general. To date no such analysis has been undertaken.