Lamb prices last week, similar to the previous week, have eased back again at marts to the tune of €3-5/head, going by what mart managers have been saying to Agriland.

Cuts in factory prices for lambs at the start of last week once again trickled down into the mart trade, with factory agents holding very firm on what they were willing to payout.

The general run of prices for factory lambs over the past week ranged from €111/head up to €120-124/head – with cases of prices rising to €126-128/head for lambs that were also gaining the attention of butchers.

The trade for heavy lambs remains solid, with a good butcher and wholesaler demand continuing to be seen for those types.

Flashy prices upwards of €140/head were seen at some sales throughout the week for 50kg plus lambs. However, the general run of prices appears to have been running from €130/head up to €139/head.

Looking at the store lamb trade, forward stores have been moving at prices from €100/head up to €110/head. Lighter, longer-keep store lambs have been selling from €75/head, up to €95-100/head.

Like lamb prices, cull ewe trade also dips

The trade for cull ewes has also eased back quite a bit over the past fortnight. One mart auctioneer, while speaking to Agriland, has called prices for heavy cull ewes to be back by €35/head.

Top prices for heavy ewes over the past week have been hitting no higher than €165/head in general.

Many marts saw prices for fleshed ewes hit as high as €145-155/head over the past week.

This is down to factories showing less of an appetite for ewes, with factories cutting prices over the last few weeks.